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PinzOK Alpha

All the products PinzOK have been carefully studied to facilitate the tasks of small and medium enterprises, PinzOK Alpha is a pliers which seals pre-threaded stoppers (screw caps) for bottles. It is often used by small producers who cannot afford expensive and cumbersome machines buitl for high quantities of wine and oil for itself or for who whishes to provide to bottle the loose product purchased on his own. The quality of the lock and the low price of the pliers suggests also a domestic use. PinzOK Alpha goes towards who needs an easy, pratical and cheap to seal sample bottles. Almost all the time in this sector, production is limitated and it doesn't justify the use of big machines to close the bottles, the quality of the materials (pliers is extracted from a unique monobloc in alluminium) and the car5e of the details make the pliers pratically indistructible). Several kits guarantes the compatibility with alm,ost the total kinds of the pre-threaded cups in commerce. The production of the pliers is made as all the pliers and the PinzOK products are studied and enterely made in Italy.

PinzOK Beta

PinzOK Beta is a little pliers produced in two versions. A plier is used to easily close, in a professional way, the stoppers of the demijhones, another PinzOK Beta is used to close the stoppers of the bag in box.Bopth the pliers have an easy and fluid movement, they don't ask for phisical strongness or a predisposition to manual work. PinzOK is for everybody, beta is, as all our pliers, for everybody.

PinzOK Gamma

PinzOK Gamma was born to open and close small jars, it is suitable for all the measures of stoppers, it is possible to make a registration of the pliers. PinzOK Gamma is particulary indicated to open and close small jars which contain souces, small jars of spicies and products which need also PinzOK gammaius a plier indicated for a professional use but its versatility and its semplicity and its low price make it very adapt for a domestic use. We can often find it in the Italian kitchens.

PinzOK Delta

PinzOK delta is a produced in two versions: bottleopeners and multifunction. Enterely made in Italy, PinzOK delta are loved from anyone who needs to facilitatye some daily actions that too often, create problems: open the bottles, open small jars open bottles of “Spumante”. The “V” shape of both the pliers permit to adapt itself to all the measuresd of the toppers. PinzOK for the small industry and for the houses of all Italians.

PinzOK Epsilon

PinzOK Epsilon, the control board for the automation, is studied to pick, in just one posting, the control electronic and the units of shunting of the cables which are distribuited in other units. Highly innovating and simple, makes impossible, thanks to the inaccessibility of others, to copy the tool machine from the competitings PinzOK Epsilon, innovating and simple.

PinzOK Omega

PinzOK Omega is the ideal solution to separate the leaves from the olives, in all the olives harvesting happens to leave some branches leaves can contribute to make less bitter the oil, causing the worsening of the quality. The chlorophyl of the leaves also predispose the oil to a faster oxidation in case it is preserved in a placeexposed to the light. PinzOK Omega automatize the separation of the leaves from the olives postponing the operation: not more during the day, when the light permits the harvest but in the evening. PinzOK Omega needs big spaces: the separation of the leaves from the olives can be made inside a place illuminated artificially. That is how to optimize the hours for the harvest makes PinzOK Omega extremely advantageous, useful and pratical. Indispensable for small and medium producers of oil. PinzOK Omega is produced enterely in Italy.